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Administrative Law     Adoption     Alternative Dispute Resolution     Appellate Law     Bankruptcy

Business Law     Criminal Law     Civil Matters     Domestic Relations     Elder Law     Employment Law    Estates & Trusts     Guardianship     Guardians Ad Litem (Adult)     Guardians Ad Litem (Children)     Immigration     Landlord/Tenant     Real Estate     Sports Law & Representation     Workers' Compensation    

​​Legal Aid     Public Officials & Government Attorneys     Retired Attorneys

Criminal Law (including DUI, Felonies, Misdemeanors & Traffic)


Civil Matters (including Collections, Commercial Litigation, Medical Malpractice,
Personal Injury & Wrongful Death)

Vicki L. Francois     Kristin Konrad Johnston

Christine Lockhart Poarch     Rachel Thompson

Vicki L. Francois

Vicki L. Francois

J. Allen Steele     Justin Alexander Steele

Rachel E. Jackson     Tyler M. Moore     Devon Munro

Wayne Bibee     Kelli C Boyer     L. Brad Braford     Deborah Caldwell-Bono     Mark W. Claytor     Joseph T. Cockfield     

Jennifer L. Crook     Raphael "Ray" E. Ferris     Vicki L. Francois     Rachel E. Jackson     Kristin Konrad Johnston     

Christopher K. Kowalczuk     David D. Lawrence     Samuel J. Lazzaro     Suzanne Moushegian     A. Kristin Shandor   

James A. Steele     Justin Alexander Steele  

Lalita Brim-Poindexter     C. Richard Cranwell     Jennifer L. Crook     Raphael "Ray" E. Ferris     David D. Lawrence     

Devon Munro      ​Justin Alexander Steele


Kelli C Boyer     L. Brad Braford     Lalita Brim-Poindexter     Joseph T. Cockfield     Nanda Elizabeth Davis     

Vicki L. Francois     ​Kristen Konrad Johnstone     ​Suzanne Moushegian     A. Kristin Shandor

Jennifer L. Crook     Ross C. Hart     Rhona Levine

Devon Munro

Jennifer L. Crook     Christopher A. Desimone     Robyn Smith Ellis     Raphael "Ray" E. Ferris      Ross C. Hart     

James T. Jordan     Rhona Levine     ​A. Kristin Shandor     ​J. Allen Steele     James A. Steele

Jennifer L. Crook     Robyn Smith Ellis      Ross C. Hart     James T. Jordan     

Jennifer L. Crook

Lalita Brim-Poindexter     Lisa Pierce Laughon     Rachel E. Jackson     Kristen Konrad Johnstone     

Jennie L.M. Waering

Jenitza Castro     Jamie Skilling McGuire     Christine Lockhart Poarch     Rachel Thompson

J. Allen Steele     James A. Steele     Justin Alexander Steele

Ross C. Hart     James T. Jordan

Samuel J. Lazzaro​

Matthew O'Herron

Susan C. Proctor (Blue Ridge Legal Services)

Paul M. Mahoney (Roanoke County Board of Supervisors)     

Peter S. Lubeck (Roanoke County Attorney's Office)

Mary Beth Nash (Roanoke County Attorney's Office)     

Jessica Padgett Preston (Salem Commonwealth's Attorney's Office)

Edwin W. "Skip" Lautenschlager

Domestic Relations (including Custody, Child Protective Services, Child Support, Divorce,
Family Law & Protective Orders)

Retired Attorneys


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Public Officials and Attorneys



Guardians Ad Litem (Children)

Workers' Compensation

Elder Law

Legal Aid Attorneys


Sports Law & Representation

Administrative Law (including DSS Appeals)

Guardianship (including Conservators)

Estates & Trusts (including Living Wills/Medical Directives, Special Needs Trusts & Wills)

Appellate Law

Business Law (including Contracts, Corporations, & Partnerships)

Real Estate (including Closings, Partitions, Titles and Transfers)

Employment Law (including Non-Compete & Whistleblower)

Guardians Ad Litem (Adult)